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Rocco Photography
St Paul & Minneapolis Newborn Photographers

From parent to parent I'll tell you one thing: A moment not captured, is a moment forgotten. Sooner or later, our memories fail us and as a mother that breaks my heart.  18 years from now, it won't matter what you wore or how many extra pounds you thought you had to loose. It'll just matter that you were in the photos with your family and your photos and films will keep your memories alive.

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White Crosses

 "A moment not captured is a moment forgotten." 

- Rocco Photography

 At Home Newborn Sessions 

newborn photography

At home photo and video sessions are laid back and easy. You get to stay in the comfort of your own home - and we all know how GREAT that is when you have a newborn!


They're perfect if you have multiple little ones or if you'd like to include pets.


Don't have a photogenic house? There's no such thing. Your home is a safe space for your family, and that's beautiful.

 Fresh 48 / Birthplace Newborn Sessions 


Fresh 48 or Birthplace photo and video sessions are magic. During the first 48 hours you'll invite me to come capture the VERY FIRSTS.


These are the purest, most natural moments after the shock of bringing a new life into the world and so worth documenting!


With photos and video from these first hours you'll always be able to revisit and remember the sweet sound of their grunts and the cries escaping from their new lungs.

All I can say is "Magic".

 First Year All-inclusive  


YEAR ONE is a multi-session package that gives you peace of mind knowing that your little one's first year of life is going to be well documented by a pro.


No pressure to get your cell phone pictures to be print-worthy, because after all your YEAR ONE sessions are complete, you'll get a beautifully designed Print Album curated by us!