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Rocco Photography
St Paul & Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

newborn & maternity

Newborn & Baby Photography

We offer three types of baby photography so you can have beautiful keepsakes through your baby's first year.


At Home Newborn

Newborn Photography sessions are laid back and easy. Staying in the comfort and safety of home is the perfect place to capture your growing family.


Fresh 48

Fresh 48 Birthplace Photography sessions are magic. During the first 48 hours after birth, you'll invite me to come capture the VERY FIRSTS.


These are the purest, most raw moments after the shock of bringing a new life into the world and so worth documenting!


Baby Milestone

Baby Milestone sessions are designed to mark big milestones like first teeth, crawling, walking, or turning one year old. They are so much fun and there's so much room for creativity and location flexibility.

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Year One



YEAR ONE is a multi-session package including a newborn OR Fresh48 session, one Baby Milestone Session, and a One Year Old Session.


You'll get peace of mind knowing that your little one's first year of life is going to be well documented by a pro.

Watch a Year One film

Hey moms, dads. Here's the deal. Photos are GREAT. We can all agree that we love preserving our family history with beautiful images we can freeze in time and go back to when we're feeling nostalgia. I'm *obviously* all about that...but films are absolutely a game changer. Here's why.

So much happens in a year. Especially with little ones. They're like new people every time they have a birthday. What if you could have a moving laughing picture of your family once every 3 months over the course of a year and have it all put together into a beautiful string of heart aching moments to revisit when you send those kids off to college?

Or maybe you just got a positive pregnancy test and you know life is about to change dramatically. What if you could document your journey into parenthood from going to your first ultrasound to bringing your baby home for the first time?

That's what I like to call the "Unforgettable Year" films.

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