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5 Ideas to Make Your Family Session More Interesting

It's 2021, my friends, and as much as we all love a good outdoor session in a beautiful location with color-coordinated outfits, it's time to mix it up. And not because you need to impress people, it's because YOUR FAMILY IS INTERESTING and your photos (or film) can reflect that. Don't forget that the main reason we document our lives is to remember them and preserve memories for our kids. There's a way to do that so that you capture the realness of your family, not just how cute you all are in matching outfits.

That's why I get so excited when I get to photograph a family that wants to try something new! But, you might be resistant to new things, and I totally understand! That's why I've got some ideas for you to help you start thinking outside the box.

  1. Make it a Family Film.

  2. Have your session in the comfort of your own home.

  3. Have photos taken while you're doing your favorite family activity.

  4. Bring the family dog or chicken.

  5. Have a few drone photos taken.

1. Make it a Family Film.

Yes, it's the way the future. Here's why.

  • You can capture those deep belly laughs and replay them whenever you need a fix of your kids when they were little for years to come.

  • You can capture memories of your family surrounded by nature, just like your past photography sessions, OR...

  • You could have your film made at home with superhero costumes or tutus, and even the family cats and dogs can join!

  • You can opt in to have your kids answer some fun questions on film. Like, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

2. Have your session in the comfort of your own home.

This is a great option for families who feel like their home is part of the family. Some people are just homebodies! That's cool, so why not have photos of you in your element rather than out in the elements where you aren't sure what to do with your limbs?

  • You can keep the coffee hot and ready during your entire session.

  • You can relax with your family in your own living room, bedroom, and yard!

  • You can capture more candid moments with your kids because they are at home and they feel more comfortable being themselves!

3. Have photos taken while you're doing your favorite family activity.

This is a really fun one for families who like to get out and do things outside the house. I've got so many ideas but here are a few I'd love to do next.

  • Going to the Drive-In theater

  • Fishing at the lake

  • Swimming at the Family Pool

  • Visiting a Family Cabin

  • Visiting an orchard or vineyard

  • Have a family farm? Let's do it there and include all the activities and animals that come with running a farm!

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