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A Surprise Proposal

Forrest asked me to stand by and grab a few photos of his romantic proposal to Sarah. He planned out a beautiful scene at sunset in their favorite place in Mississippi. It was so special to be a part of this day!

Forrest brought Sarah to the spot and I was already there, pretending to be a random person taking photos of the lake!

Sarah said afterward she didn't even realize I was there until afterward when Forrest asked me to take a photo of them looking at the camera. Stealth points for the photographer! Haha

One mistake I think a lot of guys make is not hiring someone to photograph the proposal.

Sending out photos of that big moment as your Engagement announcement is so much more exciting than Engagement photos taken after the fact!

Forrest did not make that mistake. Thinking on his feet, he had me waiting there, blending in with the scenery so I was ready when they arrived. Sarah later said she didn't even know I was there taking photos until Forrest asked me to come take a shot of them smiling! Boom.

Planning to propose and looking for someone to capture the big moment? Let's talk. Contact me here.

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