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The Case for At-home Maternity Sessions

Having your maternity photos taken at home is just the best. Here's why.


In the Midwest, where I am, and where I do the majority of my work, the weather is unpredictable. And if it's winter, which it is about 6 months of the year, you could rely on hope that there's fresh snow on your shoot date for a winter wonderland themed maternity session (but I mean...a little overdone?), or you could just eliminate the possibility of the seasonal hazards ruining your session.


When you're 7-8 months pregnant, comfort is something you're always trying to achieve and there's no better place than in your own bed. You have access to your wedge pillow and maternity pillows. You control the temperature. You control the snacks and's a haven of comfort!


It's simple. You can change your wardrobe as much as you'd like and you can do it safely in your own bedroom with things to roll around on without worry of falling. Am I the only one who had SUCH a hard time changing my pants and socks? Also, I love helping with wardrobe!


I don't mean to be so typical, but watching my husband clean the house up always puts me in a good mood. Give them a little warning that you'll be expecting this, and then on the day of, sit back and enjoy!


If you do at-home photos, you can still go all out with the style! I love helping moms pick out maternity outfits, soft and knit textures of pillows, blankets, and new bed sheets like these! We can even bring in some florals or other plant life to create the feel and mood. There's so much fun to be had in creating the perfect scene.

I love what Roolee has to offer for moms because they have super stylish and quality clothing for both pregnancy and breast-feeding! I just wish they had had this Cheetah Print Maternity dress when I was pregnant.

Did you have your maternity photos taken at home? Did you love it but your reasons weren't on this list? Let me know so I can make this post better! Did you have them done by someone and didn't really like the results? Let me know that too! I'm always looking to learn from others' experiences!

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