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Rachel Tolo Photographer near twin cities, MN

 Meet your 

I'm so glad you're here. So, you're looking for a photographer to capture some big moments in your life and you want to hire someone who sees your world the way you do? Is that too much to ask? Not.At.All.


I put a lot of work into my pre-session game so that by the time the camera comes out, we're both confident.

 Meet My Family 

Our story is a rare one indeed. I met my husband when we were eight years old. He was my best friend's little brother and it wasn't many years before we started crushing on each other. He was my first kiss in high school a few years later. We kissed under the moonlight in a cul-de-sac to the sound of "Hey there Delilah" the night before I moved to another state. Telling of the times  ;) BUT it didn't end up going anywhere!

It wasn't until we were 25 years old that we both found that the time was right and we decided to take the chance and finally date. Within a year we were engaged and soon after, married!


It wasn't a fairy tale by any means, in fact we love to talk about how rough the first couple of years were because it makes us grateful for the way things have improved! Now we have a beautiful, incredibly smart little girl and we're loving life as parents!

I'd love to get to know you and your family's history! Let's chat!



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Operating from Twin Cities, MN and surrounding areas

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