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Creating images that keep our most precious memories alive.

Memories are an amazing thing, aren't they?  As long as we keep tracing over them, grasping at the details to keep them within our grasp, they stay strong. Memories are rarely completely accurate. We remember the good times as even better and the bad as much worse.  And, if we don’t revisit often enough, they fade until they’re forgotten.

If it weren’t for the photos I’ve taken of this past year, the everyday type of magic we have experienced watching our little one grow would certainly stay alive in some distorted way, for better or worse! But having films and photos keeps them grounded to a degree I would say is incalculable.


There’s immense beauty in the gift of memory. I would never say images are as good as memories, but I would say they are a solid thing that, when looked over, have the power to bring back and strengthen the memories we treasure so much.


That’s why I love documenting Parenthood through film and photography. The value of images only increases with time.

Want to hear our (ammoyingly long yet fun) definition of Parenthood photography?

Expecting your first?

Take me along for the journey into parenthood

Parenthood Family Films

Because it's 2021. Instead of collecting cell phone videos on the cloud, hire us to make a high quality family film to preserve your most precious years with your family.




Rachel beautifully captures both the sweet and silly moments of everyday family life! Her photographs will forever be in your hearts and in your homes.





Our Family Photography Sessions include Parenthood, Motherhood, and Seasonal Sessions. Visit our New Parents page to learn more about our Newborn Sessions.

Motherhood Sessions

Motherhood Sessions are for mamas who want to have portraits that specially feature their unique relationship with their little ones as they grow. The location typically takes place outdoors.

These sessions are designed to make mamas feel beautiful and powerful.

Parenthood Sessions

Day in the life Sessions are for couples or parents who want to have documentary style photo albums or video of their journey through parenthood. That includes all the messiness of it combined with the sweet little details that you want to hold onto forever.

As indicated in the name, I will spend an entire day with your family at home and in your favorite places to spend time together. The results will be an album of images that give you a snapshot of what life is like at this moment in time. It's the closest thing to time travel a video or photo album can get.

Seasonal Sessions

Seasonal Sessions are for couples and families who want to have a few photos of their family outdoors in a beautiful location. Typically, these are done on a snowy winter day, during a Summer bloom, or in the peak of Fall. 

Booking and Pricing

I take documenting families very seriously and strive for the highest quality services. Each client has different desires and needs and so will have a unique price quote but our base pricing starts here!


For Family Film Services the starting price is $600.

For Family Photography Services the starting price is $475.

Seasonal Sessions vary by season but start at $350.

*We believe our services are immensely valuable, and something that everyone should have, no matter their financial situation. Ask me about our payment plans when you submit the contact form.

Hey dads,

Did your SO send you here? Sorry about that.


But not really.

So, you're not into the matchy-matchy family photos in a field? I get it. But please don't make the mistake of not seeing the importance of preserving these precious few years you have with your children while they're young and you're still their super hero.

Here at ROCCO Photography we have a different approach that I think you're going to like.

"Parenthood never ends, but childhood does."


How do I prepare for my in-home Session?

  • Go for an everyday "clean", not my-MIL-is-coming-over clean

  • Wear what you'd normally wear around the house to be comfortable

  • Let the kids pick whatever they want!

  • Fill out your questionnaire

  • Remember, it's my job to get real moments of momming, dadding, and kidding.

7 Reasons to Book a


  1. You don't have to wrestle anyone into matching outfits

  2. If you have a coffee maker you get endless cups of coffee

  3. It's in your home, and home is part of the family

  4. Your furry friends can be included

  5. You don't have to travel

  6. Real moments, real life

  7. Unlike your cell phone pics, YOU'RE in the photos

Wondering if you can book your session during a Pandemic? (click the arrow)


The word "documentary" gets thrown around a lot.

But, to be honest, we don't think there's a better word for what we do! So here's our definition.

Parenthood photography has a different goal in mind than your average Seasonal Sessions. When you have your family dress up in matching outfits and go somewhere beautiful to have your photos taken, the results are stunning! Absolutely. But parenthood photography aims for something pretty different.


Parenthood Photography is about documenting your journey through parenthood by following you into your places, where you do you things, and we see what makes your bond with your children unique.

"So, like give me an example, Rachel." This is how I imagine you in my head, skeptically inquiring for more.

I'll tell you, Jack. Do you plan to take your family on a camping trip every year? Maybe you'll go fishing, teach your kids how to build a fire. Let's do it. I'll bring my gear and we'll get your girl's first catch on film. Or maybe you're not that type. Maybe you're really looking forward to coaching your kid's t-ball team. I'm there for it. Video-games? Hell yeah. Bowling? Why not?

Some day your kids will be grown and they might spend hours sifting through the thousands upon thousands of cell phone pics you've taken of them growing up...but they might also just feel overwhelmed.


Most of the time when we find ourselves looking at old photos, we are drawn to them by a desire to remember something special.  Like how tiny were those little hands wrapped around your finger? We don't want a ton of blah images to scroll through. We want the kind of images that cause us to stop and stare at them. We're hoping the memories will come flooding back as we notice the details.

It's out of that desire that our brand of Parenthood photography came to life: Photography that aims to give the next generation the power to keep our memories alive.



To learn more about our pricing + packages, contact us or see our family or wedding pages.


Keeping memories alive, as long as we both shall live, and beyond.

ROCCO Photography owned by Rachel Tolo

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