Photos AND video at the same time? Yes, you're that lucky.


 So you faithfully hire a photographer every year (or maybe every season?) to capture your growing family's milestones. Your cloud storage is full of photos of your kids or dogs or chickens...Same.Here.

But something I do that most photographers don't, is video. You've GOT to see what the fuss is all about.  



 Wow. Babies are miracles and your life is about to change for the better. I know, because I have been there! Yes, it gets harder, but it gets better too!


I am so incredibly excited about every new life I have the privilege of documenting. Welcome to the World Films are likely the most meaningful and valuable thing you'll invest in when you're preparing for your newborn. Carseats, diapers, and cribs are great, but films are one thing that your child will not outgrow, that will not loose value over time, and that you will cherish for life.



HHello to my fellow moms! I think we can all agree that our role in our children's lives are irreplaceable. We don't have to be super moms for that to be true.

Whether you want to create something special for your child to show them how much they mean to you, or you're looking for a great Mother's Day gift, a Motherhood Film should be at the top of your list.


HOW do I
know if film
is for ME?

sssssssFilm is for everyone. It is for everyone because it's about you. When you have photos and films made, do it for the future you that wishes they could just hear those little voices again, or remember just how goofy your baby looked taking their first steps.


Don't do it for social media, do it for the kids.


They won't be able to remember most of it. And their kids will marvel at being able to see how young you all were!

ready to see what
the fuss is about?

instead of faq's...
here's a few mci's.

(most common insecurities)

1). What if my home isn't photogenic? or is it "videogenic"?

There's no such thing. Your home is a safe space for your family. And that's beautiful.

2). What if we don't do anything interesting at home?

Two options: we go somewhere else OR redefine "interesting". I can help you out! don't worry.

3). What if we are awkward?

No one feels comfortable automatically, but I give lots of feedback as I'm shooting!

4). How do I prepare for video?

The same way you prepare for photos!

Don't see your MCI?