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Outfit Inspiration for Newborn Baby Photos

Here's a little inspiration to pick the right outfit for your at-home Baby Photo Shoot according to 2021 trends.

Something to keep in mind when you're planning your baby's photo shoot is that you're already investing hundreds of dollars in them by hiring a professional photographer, so you don't want to make the mistake of skimping on what's going to be in the photos!

Likely, your photographer will have a variety of blankets and props to fill the space around your baby, and communicating your outfit choices ahead of time to ensure everything goes well together is a great idea.

Choosing the right outfit for your baby's photo session can make all the difference. So what advice do I give my clients for choosing outfits for their babies? Let's break it down into three main points.

  1. Decide on your budget, keeping in mind that you may want more than just the outfit. I keep a collection of bed sheets, blankets, knitwear, wooden blocks, plants, stuffed animals, etc. that I use for my clients, however I encourage my clients to bring a few of their own that they know match the baby's outfit. Newborn Photos tend to look better with lots of blankets and plants.

  2. Decide on a color palette for your baby's outfit and extras. Pick some shades that compliment your baby's skin tone or eye color. This year (2021) I've tended to go with neutral colors paired with soft textures like florals, tiny polka dots, ribbed leggings and knitwear. See examples below.

  3. Decide on accent pieces that go nicely with your baby's outfit. This might include anything from headbands, bows, or knee high socks to pacifier clips and matching Bibs. Leather shoes are also an adorable and timeless accent! For my sessions, I encourage parents to bring along favorite blankets, pacifiers, or teethers that might look good in photos.

Now that you've got a budget, a color palette, and accent pieces in's time to shop!

For the modest budget, I recommend H&M for clothing. Their online selection is much bigger and they have tons of great options in their Basics Collection. They are also the most budget friendly baby shop that also has great style.

For the more generous budget, I recommend Jamie Kay. Their items are high quality and I am a huge fan of their knitwear and swimwear! I have a handful of items from them I use for clients if the fit is right. Bonus, they also make a lot of eco friendly items such as swim suits made from recycled plastic bottles.

For blankets, pillows, bed sheets and more household items I recommend TJ Maxx, Marshall's if you're around the Twin Cities, MN.

For accent pieces I recommend looking on Etsy. I've found the most perfect handmade leather baby shoes and wooden teethers and I love promoting my fellow small business owners, so be sure to find your unique pieces there!


In summary, start with the outfit and add items on from there. Be sure to order online items at least a month in advance to leave room for size exchanges or colors being mismatched.

**If you're on a tighter schedule, consider ordering a couple sizes to be sure you'll have one that fits and you can return the rest later. If you're ordering any handmade items, you'll need to allow for additional processing time.

I hope this has been helpful! Let me know what you think and if you have any great tips I should add. Thanks for reading!


Looking to book a Newborn, baby, or One Year Old photo session? Great.

You can find more information on my services and pricing here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Rachel

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