I do wedding photography because I love marriage. Your wedding is not the big day at the end of your engagement. It's the day that kicks off a lifetime together!


Till death do us part.

That's why it's the deepest relationship of your life; a covenant between two people and God that will last for a lifetime.

And so should your photography!

Wedding Photography Services

Wedding Photography is not about having a bunch of digital images. So what else is there? Here are the services you can get when you hire us!

Services we offer:

  • Planning consultation

  • Full Wedding day coverage

  • Additional photographers

  • Highlight Videos

  • Complimentary Engagement Session

  • Online Image gallery

  • Online Print ordering system

  • Premium printed Wedding Album

  • Polaroid Photography

  • Competitive Payment Plans

Wedding Films

Rocco Photography now offers Wedding Highlight Films.

Hire us to document the biggest event of your life; your wedding day. We will capture the highlights of the day with DSLR, GoPro, and drone footage and then beautifully edit a highlight video that you'll be able to watch over and over and share with your future family. The value only increases with time.


- Forrest Krazit

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